Breakaway® Converter, Ford, 2005-10 Mustang 5R55S (V8 Applications Only), Billet/forged steel front, 10" Diameter Converter

TCI® Power Adder Optimized Torque Converters have been tailored to the requirements of 2005-2010 V8 Mustangs with power adders

Designed specifically for 2005-2010 V8 Ford Mustangs equipped with power adder options, these torque converters feature furnace brazed components and heat-treated splines, sprag races and hub for increased strength and durability. With a billet front and clutch assembly, they are capable of handling harder launches. Engineered with stall speeds that maximize the performance of power adders, these torque converters are designed to benefit high performance street and race applications. After being finished with a proprietary HDT™ Coating for cooler operating temperatures, all converters are Triple Tested in-house to ensure quality. Triple Testing includes run-out testing, leak testing and computer balancing so you can be confident that you're getting a quality torque converter capable of handling whatever you throw at it. TCI® Power Adder Torque Converters are a must whenever horsepower has been increased.

  • Durable billet front & clutch assembly is capable of handling repeated hard launches
  • Finished with a proprietary HDT™ Coating to create cooler operating temperatures
  • Triple Tested in-house to ensure quality